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Renew Your Membership

Renew your membership before the July 15th deadline to avoid a disruption in your member benefits!

Become A New Member:

There are four types of membership offered by CFA Society San Francisco: Regular, Affiliate, Student and Industry.

If you are a current member of another society or of the CFA Institute, you need to submit a completed Status Change Form to CFA Institute. That form can be downloaded on the website of CFA Institute. CFA Institute will forward your completed form to our membership chair for review and will present it to the Board for approval. Once the transfer has been approved, we will add you to the CFASF membership list. 


If you are not a current member of another society or CFA Institute, you will need to contact CFA Institute about the reinstatement process and transfer of society membership. To transfer to CFASF from another society, you must inform CFA Institute. (Please note: Membership in CFA Institute does not automatically make you a member of your local society. Please fill out forms for both Institute and CFASF memberships.)


General Membership Information

Application Process

Regular and Affiliate members:

Your application is submitted to CFA Institute for approval. Once CFASF receives it from CFA Institute, it is submitted to the CFASF's Membership Committee and then to the Board of Directors to be formally approved at the next board meeting.

Student members:

Your application is submitted to CFASF for review by the Membership Coordinator and approval by the CFASF Board of Directors.


Finding a Sponsor:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain two sponsors. One Regular member of CFASF and your current supervisor. If you are unable to provide a supervisor as a sponsor then you may replace this requirement with a second CFASF Regular member. The sponsor form is obtained from CFA Institute via email once your application has been submitted. Student applicants receive sponsor forms with their application packet.

A good way to meet a sponsor is to attend an event - visit our Events page for a complete listing of upcoming events.  In addition, check with colleagues or business neighbors. With more than 2,900 members in the Bay Area you're sure to find someone nearby who knows a CFA Charterholder.  Otherwise, please contact the Membership Coordinator for assistance in locating a sponsor.

Sponsorship requirements are as follows:

For Regular, Affiliate, and Industry applicants:

  • Two sponsors are required for all categories of membership. These should be the following: your immediate supervisor AND a CFASF member who is in good standing and personally known to you.
  • If you are self-employed, two regular CFASF members in good standing from other companies are required.

Student applicants:

  • Students must obtain one CFASF regular member and one university professor.

Approval Process:

Each month CFA Institute sends completed applications to the CFASF membership chairperson, who reviews the applications and presents them to the CFASF board for approval. Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month except August. Once an application is approved, it is forwarded to the CFASF administrative office. We advise CFA Institute of the approval and send a welcome letter to the new member usually within two weeks. Please note the entire process can take 30 to 90 days depending on when you get your documents to CFA Institute.



Apply for Student Membership with CFASF:

Student memberships are local memberships for students pursuing a finance degree. This memberships applies to CFASF only, not to CFA Institute. For more information, email Membership Coordinator Michael Reilly.

 Click here to Apply for an Industry Membership with CFASF:

Industry memberships are local memberships for finance professionals who are not pursuing the CFA designation. Industry members enjoy all of the local benefits of membership (except for voting priveleges) but are not eligible for CFA Institute membership. For more information, email Membership Coordinator Michael Reilly.

Please note:

Industry Membership Forms

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Industry Membership Forms
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Industry Membership Application - full form PDF (169.84 KB) Administration 5/20/2015
Industry Sponsor Form PDF (70.17 KB) Administration 5/20/2015
Industry Supervisor Form PDF (71.93 KB) Administration 5/20/2015