Mastering the CFA Exam with CFA Society San Francisco Review Classes
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CFA Society San Francisco recommends and offers disciplined study with our multi-week CFA Exam Review Classes to master the volume of material and help candidates pass the series of exams. These classes provide candidates with a structured, classroom-based approach to preparing for the CFA exam. CFASF’s instructors are academics and experienced investment professionals who are experts on the material and the exam format.

Our review classes focus on the comprehension of the assigned materials in the Study Guides from CFA Institute, with an emphasis on the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). In addition, problem solving and practical exam taking tips are incorporated into the program. Our instructors compile their own study session notes and construct multiple-choice questions from each of the study session’s LOS to best prepare you for the exam. Each class will address a different concept from the exam materials while providing you with test-taking strategies specific to the CFA Exam.

CFASF encourages candidates to take our exam review classes, engage in self-study as well as study groups, and partake in a formal mock exam.


Studying Smart: The CFA Society San Francisco Way

  • CFASF Review Class - 2.5 hours/session
  • Review Class Assignments - 2.5 hours/week*
  • Study Groups - 4+ hours/week*
  • Mock Exams - 5-8 hours*
    • CFA Institute certified practice test available
    • Mock Exam day at discounted rates
    • End of section prep tests

* Recommended


Candidates enrolled in our CFA Exam Review Classes are eligible to attend CFASF General Events at student prices (the same as member rates) for one year from registration.  This is a great opportunity to attend Corporate Presentations, Professional Development Programs or Social Events for free or at reduced prices. This benefit does not apply to Member-only events, nor does it confer membership status on candidates; only the right to attend events at member prices for one year.

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Level I

The first exam in the CFA series consist of basic knowledge and comprehension questions focused on investment tools; some questions will require analysis.

CFA Society San Francisco (CFASF) Level I Resources:

The CFA preparation courses were instrumental to me successfully passing each level on the first attempt. Not only did the class schedule keep my studies on track, but the opportunity to ask the instructors questions was invaluable. – Nikki Freeman, CFA


Level II

The CFA Level II exam requires more analytical thinking than Level I. The exam emphasizes the application of investment tools and concepts with a focus on the valuation of all types of assets.

CFA Society San Francisco (CFASF) Level II Resources:


My favorite part about the CFA review class was the lecturers. The Society chose seasoned professionals from within the CFA membership to teach classes in their own specialty areas. That not only enhanced the learnings, it made the material more accessible since it was taught by someone who did it every day. CFASF’s review courses were invaluable to my studying and played a big role in achieving my CFA charter. – Dave Kaczorowski, CFA


Level III

This exam brings it all together. At Level III, the emphasis is on the Synthesis and Evaluation. The focus on synthesizing all of the concepts and analytical methods in a variety of applications for effective portfolio management and wealth planning. While this exam has fewer questions than Levels I or II, the essay questions are meant to prove your proficiency with the materials.

CFA Society San Francisco (CFASF) Level III Resources: