Society Demographics
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Who Comprises CFASF’s Membership?

CFASF’s membership largely consists of CFA Charterholders and professionals in the investment industry who have demonstrated mastery of investment analysis and decision-making in a global financial industry. The job functions represented by our membership are diverse, ranging from equity, fixed income, and alternative investment analysts to portfolio managers, investment counselors, sales and marketing professionals and partners, wealth managers, tech-industry innovators, principals and CEOs.

Member Demographics

  • 93% of our members are CFA charterholders
  • 25% of CFASF members have more than 20 years of finance experience
  • 22% of our members are female; 78% are male
  • 69% of CFASF members are between 31 and 50 years of age with an average age of 42
  • 50% of CFASF members have a Master's degree, MBA, or equivalent higher education degree

What Occupations are Represented in CFASF's Membership?