Membership Application Process
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Membership Application Process

Regular & Affiliate Members

Your application is submitted to CFA Institute for approval. Once CFASF receives your application approval from CFA Institute, it is submitted to the CFASF Membership Committee and then to the Board of Directors to be formally approved at the next monthly board meeting.

Industry & Student Members

Once submitted, your application and signed sponsorship forms are reviewed by or Membership Manager and formally approved by the CFASF Board of Directors at their next monthly board meeting.

Please note: the approval process for applications may take between 30 and 90 days

Finding a Sponsor

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain two sponsors. Applicants are required to obtain signed sponsor forms from one Regular CFASF member and current supervisor. If you are unable to provide a supervisor as a sponsor then you may replace this requirement with a second CFASF Regular member. The sponsor form is obtained from CFA Institute via email once your application has been submitted. Industry and student applicants receive sponsor forms with their application packet.

A good way to meet a sponsor is to attend an event - visit our Events page for a complete listing of upcoming events. In addition, check with colleagues or business neighbors. Otherwise, please contact the Membership Manager for assistance in locating a sponsor.

Sponsor Requirements

Regular, Affiliate, and Industry applicants

Two sponsors are required for all categories of membership. These should be the following: your immediate supervisor AND a CFASF member who is in good standing and personally known to you. If you are self-employed, two regular CFASF members in good standing from other companies are required.

Student applicants

Students must obtain one CFASF regular member and one university professor.