Additional CFA Exam Support
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In addition to CFASF/GGU Exam Prep Classes here in San Francisco, we offer access to additional exam prep resources to better assist you in your studies. We find that a multi-faceted approach is most successful in passing the CFA Exams. While we recommend our local live exam prep classes, we realize that there are additional ways to improve your study process. Below you will find information and links to all of our exam prep partners. 

Kaplan Schweser

Kaplan Schweser and CFASF combine the strengths of two great CFA® review providers in San Francisco. Access to top-notch review courses, study tools, and mock exams gives you the flexibility to create a custom study program based on your particular study needs. To learn more about Kaplan Schweser, click HERE.

CFASF candidates receive a 15% discount on Schweser CFA exam prep materials. To take advantage of these discounts, click HERE or call 877.599.2660. Use Discount Code: BACC1.

In addition, a Live Schweser Mock Exam in San Francisco is offered a few weeks prior to the June and December exam dates. To view dates and further details, click on your level below:

Level I (Dec)         Level I (June)           Level II          Level III